Surge Teams

Our Club would like to have every player who meets our expectations make a team but our teams are limited to available coaching staff and a limited amount of resources. Our Club holds try-outs so we can select the athletes based on their skills, potential, positive attitude, coach-ability and the availability of coaching staff. All of our athletes are chosen by following the KRVA Recruiting and Tryout Guidelines, which can be found on the KRVA website at Players will be notified if they are chosen for a team by email shortly following try-outs. The offer to be on a team must be accepted or declined by the player or parent within 4 days as per KRVA rules. Accepted offers must be accepted by emailing and copying Surge Volleyball at Players must then go to and click on the Webpoint registration site, log into their account and affiliate themselves with Surge Volleyball Club. Athletes may be selected to play on a team above their age group but may not play on a team that is below their age group, except in very limited circumstances where KRVA will grant an athlete an age wavier.

Surge Tournament Schedule – Click Here for PDF (TBA)


Team Name Title Name Title Practice
 12 Black  Cally Head Coach  Brandi Assistant Coach  Sun 9:30-11:00
 Mon 5:00-6:30
13 Black Keith Head Coach Michelle Assistant Coach  Sun 2:00-3:30
 Tue 5:30-7:00
 13 Lime  Alexis  Head Coach Jessica & Brittney Assistant Coach  Sun 2:00-3:30
 Wed 6:30-8:00
14 Black  Beth  Head Coach Kimmy Assistant Coach  Sun 5:00-6:30
 Wed 6:00-8:00
14 Lime  Kelsey  Head Coach Ron R. Assistant Coach  Sun 3:30-5:00
 Wed 5:00-6:30
 15 Black  Shaun  Head Coach Russ Assistant Coach  Sun 9:30-11:00
 Thu 6:30-8:00
 15 Lime Brittany  Head Coach Erika & Mike Assistant Coach  Sun 12:30-2:00
 Tue 7:00-8:30
 15 White Dave  Head Coach Katie & Maribeth Assistant Coach  Sun 12:30-2:00
 Tue 5:30-7:00
 16 Black Ron H.  Head Coach Marley Assistant Coach  Sun 6:30-8:00
 Wed 8:00-9:30
 16 Lime  Heleanna  Head Coach Ryan Assistant Coach  Sun 5:00-6:30
 Wed 5:00-6:30
 16 White  Derek  Head Coach  Dan & Madison Assistant Coach  Sun 3:30-5:00
 Mon 8:00-9:30
 17 Lime  Gregg  Head Coach Steve Assistant Coach  Sun 6:30-8:00
 Thu 6:30-8:00
 18 Black Morgan  Head Coach Victoria & Robert Assistant Coach  Mon 5:30-7:00
 Thu 6:00-7:30

2016/17 BOYS TEAMS

Team Info Team Name Title Name Title Tentative
Practice Times
Click Here  18 Black  Mike M. Head Coach Nate W. Assistant Coach
Click Here  16 Black  John F. Head Coach James C. Assistant Coach
Click Here  14 Black  Dan K. Head Coach Abbie C. Assistant Coach