The 2021 Club Season is underway!

Stay Healthy and Safe!

With the changing of our world and adapting to a new norm and the 2020 Volleyball club season being cancelled, our summer season incredible and the 2021 club season is underway. Contact us now to get back on the courts! 

We are excited to announce the opening of Surge LVBC in the Lancaster area! We are anxious to grow our brand in the positive direction we’ve been in the Berks county area and with our mantra
“Coaching for the Kids!”

We are offering more and more every year! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be up to date on all of our events!

We had an amazing 2019 Volleyball Club season! Our growing Surge Recruiting program geared toward getting our players in front of college coaches across the country is streamlining it’s efforts. With a dedicated recruiting representative, we facilitate the steps needed to help our athletes reach their dreams of playing at the next level. With only 3 alumni classes from Surge, we’ve helped with the placement of 1 DI, 2 DII, and 11 DIII athletes. With a new focus on recruiting (second only to our coaching), we continue to strive for 100% recruited for our 2019 season.

Surge is a competitive club that builds a strong foundation of fundamental skills, techniques and strategies in our athletes while building their love for the game. Surge Volleyball club is an Adult & Junior Boys & Girls Volleyball club supporting the Berks and surrounding Counties. Teams are built based on availability of eligible players and coaching staff.



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