Surge Big Sister & Tutor Program

Volunteer Name
Big Sister
Number of athletes
Example One Y Y History, Algebra 1 2
Example Two N Y Science, Math 1 2 3 4 Max

The Surge Big Sister and Tutoring program is a way to help give back to our clubs participants. Student athletes from our two oldest girls teams sign-up to volunteer to be a Big Sister or Tutor. Everything is based on a volunteer basis and aside from the initial introductions, the volunteer and young student athlete will communicate directly. Volunteers can often times handle most issues through technology via texting, email, facetime, etc.

Information the volunteer must provide the club is:

  • Volunteer’s name
  • Personal contact information (email or cell number)
  • Are they wanting to be a Big Sister, Tutor or both
  • Subjects they are volunteering to tutor
  • How many student athletes would they be willing to handle/work with as a tutor or Big Sister

The Tutor program is obviously to help young players excel in academics. It’s a means to show young players that academics should always be at the forefront of their youth and education years. We believe this program will also help our older student athletes to grow as young teachers and to learn the value of helping others learn the right educational path.

The Big Sister program is meant to help young ladies have a means to talk to someone close to their age about anything without the “parental” over watching. A lot of times our children are hammered by peer pressure in things that we as parents don’t always see or even know about. More often than not, young people are not willing to open up to their parents for whatever reason. Having someone who knows the situations that happen in school or who may have experienced it themselves can really be a shining light. The thought with the Big Sister program would be that our older girls can share their contact info (social media, text, email, facetime, etc) with the girls and they can contact each other directly.

Any players interested in signing up for the Big Sister or Tutor program offered through Surge Volleyball Club, please provide the following to the Club Director:

– Player Name
– Age
– Team
– Position
– Interested in Big Sister and/or Tutor
– Subjects
– Player contact email (can be parents email if player does not have one)
– Player contact phone (can be parents phone if player does not have one)