Surge Recruiting: Compete at the Next Level

We are excited to kick off the 2018 Volleyball Club season with the announcement of our new Surge Recruiting program geared toward getting our players in front of college coaches across the country. With a dedicated recruiting representative, we will facilitate the steps needed to help our athletes reach their dreams of playing at the next level. With only 2 alumni classes from Surge, we’ve helped with the placement of 1 DI, 2 DII, and 6 DIII athletes. With a new focus on recruiting (second only to our coaching), we are striving for 100% recruited for our 2018 season. For more information, Contact Us!

Our Mission:

It is with strong conviction that we believe there is a place for every player who wishes and desires to play at the collegiate level, to play. The trouble with today’s competitive, “answers now” mindset is that everyone promises the universe when they can’t even offer the truth. There is a place for every player whether it’s with a top Division I school or a new program just getting started. Our goal is to ensure that we give our players, and yours, the opportunity they deserve by getting them seen by whom they wish to be seen.  


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