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The 2018 Season is right around the corner!

With another year behind us, Surge sees it’s 5th year of continuous growth with our 2017 season hosting 14 girls teams and 1 boys team. With our amazing growth of players, so to does our coaching staff with a mix of now 26 committed coaches to help grow our players skill set and love for the game.

Be sure to checkout all of our summer events and programs like our new doubles league, Spring and summer camps, mini doubles tournaments and private lessons. Visit our documents page to download flyers and find out more information by Clicking Here!

Surge is a competitive club that builds a strong foundation of fundamental skills, techniques and strategies in our athletes while building their love for the game. Surge Volleyball club is a Junior Boys & Girls Volleyball club in the Berks County area. Teams are built based on availability of eligible players and coaching staff. Our goal is to build our program into one of the elite clubs in our area.

Sanctioning Bodies

Keystone Region Volleyball Association

AAU Volleyball


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